Journal Entries by Eliza Tree

5 April

Spent lovely morning by the river, and in camp. Tried to write short piece for local paper, emailed photos, packed up camp, and headed into town: Hillston. After delivering to Spectator office, popped in to visit Chrissy for another ‘cup of tea’. Had a lovely arvo, went for a drive, the rain started, and got […]

6 April

Very keen to head to Booloigal, and planned to go via Hay on the sealed roads. Got as far as Merriwagga (50km), and decided to turn around and go back. I was leaving the river- not what I had planned. Also had met Mark in the bakery, and he offered I could camp over at […]

6 April

Waited morning to get all clear on Road Open to Booligal. Hooray. This is where I needed to travel. Full on journey: 94 km unsealed, and the mud out here is something else altogether. Stopped Often to clear excess mud from mud-flaps on camp-trailer, to ensure I avoided mud/ aqua- plaining. Arrived Booligal Hotel tired […]

7 April

Spent morning at Libby and Ross’s house – rewelding mud-flaps further back on Van. FAB. And fixing the Electrics –shorted fuse on lights. Re-position 12 volt outlet so I didn’t knock it EVERY time I opened main drawer, while I was charging computer, batterys, etc. What a relief. Thankyou Booligal: Libby, Ross and Laurie. Filled […]

8 April

Continued North along Cobb rd. Thought to camp at Toms Lake, but site didn’t feel right, out the back near the shearing shed, and dry creek. Turned around and headed back to Booligal! Checked into Hotel there: Steak for dinner, hot shower- excellent, and a Bed. Hung out for a while with Debbie, John , […]

9 April

Lovely morning in bed, downloading photos, etc. Then got the call from Ross at Willandra that the Road was Open! Fab. Re-packed car, and set off North. Realised 20 km out of town I had forgotten to fill up with Petrol. Back to Booligal, to find they had run out yesterday!. Eek. Eventually tracked down […]

10 April

Wonderful sense of tranquillity out here. Sad to see the Willandra creek/ billabongs empty. –again due to the drought. But with recent rains the bush is looking beautiful, lots of Warrigal Greens, etc. had a lovely walk through the reserve. Went o ver to the Shearing Shed for phone range, and met up with Ian, […]

11 – 20 April

Tuesday 11th Willandra National Park. Peaceful morning in and around camp, before popping over to meet Ian & wife Margaret, to plan arvo drive. They are staying in one of the little cottages, up near the main homestead. What an amazing place this was in it’s day. – And still is: Fabulous and Huge area,  […]

21 April

Met up with Joan Vagg at Gallery. She has had long time interest in Mitchell, as she lived in the area where he travelled. Also she is fascinated with the wild flowers, etc. And has done some beautiful art works about. Visited Libraray to see local History section, and photocopy Maps, etc for interested locals.

13 May

Set off from Paika, and Balranald after final cups of tea with Di and Rachael, Helaina & Duf. After 50 km, discovered an ‘interesting looking road, Which took me nearer to the River. Arrived at ‘Tilllara’ to find a wonderful anabranch of the Murray, Dry anabranch, As are they all Dry. But lovely groundcovers, and […]