Journal Entries by Eliza Tree

27 March

Sat 27th March. Whilst looking for Mackies Café, re-discovered Rod from sign Shop. Got some extra Signage for Van and car: “Expeditioner, www. Etc. Mackies wasn’t open yet, but found a coffee, and headed out of town, back to Mt Canobolas, Towac Way Camping Ground, Mitchells Way, Borenore, etc. Cruised back along Escort Way, GPS […]

28 March

Sunday 28th March. Packed up and headed off about 11. Hoped to go via Mt Tilga, but I seem to have missed the turnoff, so cruised along North side of the Lachlan. Great to see a few lovely sites/ billabongs with water, and again, some fab huge trees. The country is much drier and flatter […]

29 March

Monday 29th March. Tried for a rest day, but got pretty engrossed with the girls at Tourist info centre, then met Paddy at the community Tele Centre. Fish & Chips on lakeside, with Indigo. What great company she is. I never feel lonely or alone with her around! Went back to Royal Mail Hotel with […]

30 March

Tuesday 30th March. Met again with Paddy, She will write an article for local paper about my trip. Then to NRMA, to find the CV rubber on drive shaft is split. They can’t fix it, but Hillston can. Decided to attempt to get on top of this BLOG. I’m finding it all a bit challenging! […]

31 March

As planned prev evening, set off on an expedition to Lake  with Lola and Greg. They have lived in these parts on and off, most of their lives, including childhood, where they had gone to school together. Lola is Aboriginal, Greg a whitefella. Married now for 20 years, 2 kids: Jenna & ?. Grabbed some […]

1 April

Luckily, at Cargelligo NRMA, had discovered the CV Boot on car was cracked, and booked in to fix at Hillston. Headed into town to mechanic, and to check out tourist info centre for local Info. Got ph numbers for Historical Society, and ideas for Camp site for Easter Weekend, as my Dad, Graeme and brother […]

2 April

Quiet day pottering around camp: reading, Dave fishing, and a walk in the afternoon. It’s a wonderful camp site: right on the Lachlan, which was also mainly dry until a few weeks ago. Lots of Big Old Trees, and even a bit of understorey. It seems they have left a small border of trees along […]

3 April

Am: Graeme and I popped into town to visit Historical Society. Lyn and Chrissy met us there. Very interesting. Good to share some stories, etc. And see their displays. The afternoon was quite hot, so launched my little canoe for the first time, and had a paddle and a swim. More yummy food, hanging out, […]

4 April

Am: started to sort through all my equipment, to send back any surplus with my brother to Canberra. Big Un-pack, and re-pack. Living in a small space with too much gear is frustrating. Reduced a bit. In the arvo, headed  out to the ‘18 mile’, again a Reserve on the River. Whilst skirting the only […]

5 April

Graeme and Dave headed off about 11 am. All seemed very quiet, getting used to being just Indigo and I again. After 2 more bull-ant bites headed into town to see Lynn at Red Dust & Paddy Melon Gallery, which is also the tourist info centre. Then popped in to see Kev, and meet Marj, […]