Journal Entries by Eliza Tree

17 March

17th March 2010  Wednesday Mt Canobolas. NSW. Awoke to a fresh morning, birds singing, and kangaroos grazing the camp site. Acknowledged as Wiradjuri camp site, this place is truly lovely. I can fully understand why this was a popular spot- tucked into a small valley, quite near the top of Mt Canobolas, the highest peak […]

18 March

Decided to return to Boree locality to further explore region, including Borenore Caves, which had so intrigued Mitchell. Yet another creekside location, which would have been a perfect campground for the Wiradjuri people: Huge trees, and creek flats. The caves were fascinating- the entrances anyway. I didn’t have adequate equipment to venture further than cave […]

19 March

19th March Fri Back to the Monument at Boree. then proceeded along valley to Cudal, crossing many times over the Boree Creek. Stocked up at mini-mart, where Marg kindly sold me meat for Indigo, local fruit, milk, ice, etc. Continued along via Toogang, (now Toogong),the main trace of this place, being a sign pointing to […]

20 March

20th March Sat Being Saturday, decided to take a rest day, as Mitchell had done. Thoroughly enjoyed a very lazy morning, recuperating from the ‘marathon’ which I had been on for the previous month! –packing up my house & studio; preparing for Expedition, etc. In the afternoon had a lovely drive to the base of […]

21 March

21st March. Sunday There is so much to read!! Mitchell, Stapylton, Maps, local area info, etc. Haven’t yet managed to catch up with all the reading, emails, and Blog.

22 March

Monday 22nd Continued along Valley, which now seems to follow Byrnes creek. Fitst Mitchell route, which  then became the main stock route inland to the Lachlan. Now a small highway, carrying large trucks, etc. Mitchell spoke of tranition into the granite country. This road is called the Escort road, and apparently used to be the […]

23 March

Tues 23rd March Morning in Forbes, fitting solar panel, etc. And set off again mid arvo. Continued meandering along Lachlan River valley. Finding myself in “Bogan Gate” at 6 pm. Absolutely ready for a cold beer, and to find a camp site. Bogan Gate is not a lot more than a Huge Grain Silo, along […]

24 March

Wednesday 24th March From Bogan Gate to Condoblin. Again, recognising a variety of names along the way, which Mitchell had noted on his journey. Many of the names are spelt differently/ corrupted. But are clearly place / locality, as in 1836 on Maps and journal.  I t’s quite hard to know at the time if […]

25 March

Thurs 25th March Left Indigo with Rob – caravan park proprieter, and his doggys. Sweet 9:30 start at Condo Primary School to give M Mitchell talk. Lots of Maps and books, etc First 1/2 went well,  but 2nd half the kids lost concentration. I think it was a bit too complex for 8 y olds. […]

26 March

Friday 26th March 9.30 start at Condobolin High School. 2 x year 9 groups: English and History. An interesting process no less: speaking to 30 x 14 year olds, loaded with ‘attitude’. Had lots of resources, and spoke with them honestly and enthusiastically. Tried to connect the information with their area, language, Wiradjuri heritage, etc. […]