Eliza and the 2010 Journey

Journey to Australia Felix.

Who: Eliza Tree & her dog Indigo

Artist, Environmentalist, Expeditioner.

When: Beginning officially 17th March 2010, leaving from Boree (Booree), as Major Thomas Livingston Mitchell did in 1836, but 174 years later

Where:  Starting Point Boree, NSW, travelling West, following the Lachlan River , then Murrumbidgee River, to the Murray.

Proceed west to meet Darling River. Follow North for 100km.

Return to Murray River, follow South-east.

Cross River at Swan Hill, transverse southwest through Victoria to Glenelg River and Portland. ‘Discover’ Australia Felix,

Then continue northeast on the return journey to Sydney.

How: Subaru and camping trailer. Tent, bicycle and canoe.

Why: Fascination with the Indigenous Peoples and Pre-colonial Landscape.

The opportunity to gain insight into the Aboriginal landscape, first contact, and the consequences which followed.

Outcomes: Journal, Blog, Exhibition: Castlemaine State Festival 2011

Reveal insights of early colonial expedition, and Pre-colonial landscape.

This is to be a journey of exploration, following the path of Major Thomas Mitchell,

On his 3rd Expedition into the interior of South Eastern Australia in 1836.

To re-discover the Ancient Gondwana.

To re-trace the steps of this historic and epic Expedition through NSW and Victoria. Re-viewing through his eyes and words, the country and the people.

Camping where possible, where they camped. Climbing the hills and mountains

which they climbed. Traversing the rivers and valleys as they did 174 years ago.

I will explore the geography, geology, ecology, flora & fauna. The landscape and Indigenous occupation of the land, within the broader context of the young colony, as reported in the journals of Major Mitchell and G C Stapylton.

I will follow the 2,400 miles (3840 km) journey, which Mitchell and his party undertook in 9 months, on horseback and cart.

I will follow in 3 months, by car, with dog

I will be referring daily to T L Mitchells Journal(s):

(1) Daily journal : 1836 Field Book and Meteorological Journal (copy from N L A)

(2) “Three Expeditions into the interior of Eastern Australia”. First Printed: 1838

(3)  “          “                             “     “      “          …, 2nd Edition: 1839 “Carefully revised”

I will compare these with Stapyltons Journals.- (assistant to T L Mitchell)

(4) A .Andrews: “Stapylton” (from Journal ‘copy’)

(5) G. Eccleston: “G C Stapylton” Transcribed from Original.

From this I will gain a fascinating Insight into parallel experiences,

TL Mitchell: Surveyor General

GC Stapylton: Second in command


Comparing the Text,

Reading between the lines and images

Revealing what’s within.

Then and Now: Comparing the images, observations and experiences,

with the journey today.

A Visual Narrative

Bringing the journey to life:



Multi Media,

Photography, video, audio.


BLOG : www.majormitchellexpedition.com

Local Media




Language: names and naming

Areas of Interest:

T L Mitchell: a fascinating and learned man.

Cartography, Astronomy, Geology, Biology,

Talented artist/ draftsman.

Linguist, Leader, etc

The Party:

Members – European and Indigenous.

Animals, livestock & equipment.

Technology, camp organization.

The Country:

Pre-colonial : birds, plants, animals, geography, geology.

The Indigenous People:

Places, tribes, languages, encounters.

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