Following the Major

A 175 year commemoration of Major Mitchell’s 1836 journey through NSW and Australia Felix-Victoria.

Major Thomas Mitchell, the Surveyor General of the Colony of New South Wales, explored widely across what is now central and western NSW and western, central and northern Victoria.

Major Mitchell was a man possessing exceptional qualities. He was extremely observant, and a master of many areas of knowledge. He was a skilled explorer, artist, surveyor, linguist, botanist, geologist, leader and communicator. All four of his expeditions were very successful endeavours, with his third expedition, the 1836 journey to Australia Felix, being the most significant.

Mitchell demonstrated great skill through the management of his party and his many interactions with local indigenous people. Artwork and documentation of the journeys as produced by Mitchell is extensive, revealing extraordinary insights into the pre-colonial landscape and indigenous culture.

Analysis of work produced by Mitchell offers a fascinating insight into Australia’s cultural and environmental circumstances, from an historical viewpoint. This work has inspired the retracing of Mitchell’s journey by Eliza Tree in 2010, and has eventuated inthe Expedition Exhibition’.