September – October

Back on the road again, Again,

Sorry for the break in correspondence,
But having returned to the road a few weeks ago,
To continue South-west through Victoria,
from Mt Hope to Willaura, then on to Castlemaine.

Via: Pyramid Hill, Boort, Mt Korong, Wedderburn, Logan, Callawadda, Stawell, Pomonal, Mt William, Gariwerd/ Grampians, Mt Zero, Nattimuck, Mt Arapiles, Casterton, Dartmoor, Glenelg River, Nelson, Portland, Milltown, Heywood, Mount Napier, Hamilton, Condah, Dunkeld, Willaura, Buangor, Lexton, Talbot., Mt Greenock, Tullaroop Creek, and Newstead.

A wonderful 3 weeks it was,
Glowing green after all this amazing rain!!
Frogs singing, birds dancing,
Nature blooming.
Great photos coming soon.

I then proceeded to have,
what turned out to be
a fairly Major Computer Meltdown.

Returned to Castlemaine,
Not for 3 days, but 9.
– also: sore back, doggy funeral for tricky miss vikki, doctor, etc.
Car exhaust problems.
Finally, all fixed and Sorted.

Many, many, many thanks to:
Fabulous and supportive friend & mentor Simon,
brilliant Apple Mac friend Tony.
Excellent mechanic Daz,
Jude and Co.

Still, it’s hard not to get
a bit Exhausted by all the Technicalities!!!

Had a great weekend in Castlemaine,
Excellent talk at Ray Bradfield room, Fri Night,
And enjoyable – shortened walk on Saturday,
When at Kalimna Point, the rain set in.
Headed for Mt Alexander, as it cleared.

Good progress also with home Renos,
thankyou Simon.

I am back Track on again.

There’s so much to say,
And I’m never quite sure where to start.

To be honest.
It’s all a tiny bit Overwhelming!

It’s been Fab, and amazing
– Adventure, Journey, Expedition.
I’m Loving it.
All of my interests and passions combined.
Indigenous, Environment, Art, Nature.

and There is So much to do
And, So Much to Organize!!

The Major Mitchell Expedition to Australia Felix,
is about to hit 175 years!!
– next year
1836 – 2011

Currently the organising team consists of 70% Eliza Tree,
With the other 30 % of the committee being Indigo, Simon & Jude.
Each providing fabulous and essential support,
– Thankyou Team.!

And yes, So much to Organize.

An interesting time for Reflection
and – Exploration.
But I also think: good time to Re-Visit.

And I am,
And I willl,
In ‘the Expedition Exhibition.’
Castlemaine State Festival,
April 2011.

So now,
As well as finishing the Journey,
I have begun the exciting process of painting my Exhibition,
Which is to be a ‘Visual Narrative’
: the land, the People, the exploring party.
the birds, plants and animals.
Geology, Ecology, Biology.
Looking closely at Mitchell’ images and words.
Contextualising and revealing.

There is much to Say and Paint!

As well,
there is next year to Organize.
The commemoration/ recognition of 175 years,
Since T L Mitchell passed through these fine lands,
Which had been occupied since time immemorial,
by the Indigenous Peoples,
Living with knowledge and skill,
within their Cultural Landscape.

So, next year I will re-do the journey,
And bring a travelling Party with me..
to share it with the communities,
There are many interesting and colourful stories to be told.
Great sites to visit,
Ideas to be explored.

And / so
Tomorrow I will return to the ‘road’,
Passing through another part of Jaara Jaara country.

And then on to Sydney,
Via Mitchell’s more direct,
homeward route.

-in this case: Via: Orange, Mt Canobolas & Boree,
to meet with the IWC Media.
And the Mitchellites,
To oraganise for next year!

..more soon…… eT