7 July – September

From Expedition to Journey.

**Please check photos of my journey so far here**


Its now 9 weeks since I diverted to Castlemaine, initially planned to be 2 weeks

– now 2 months!  There are clearly many more distractions to deal with, than when Mitchell passed through this way!

As well as needing to visit the Dentist; attend Burke and Wills Events; spend time with my lovely man; start painting the Exhibition; The big one has been – planning for next year, to celebrate the 175 years since Mitchell’s Epic journey of 1836!

Having struck on the happy coincidence of following the Expedition this year : 2010.

It seems more must be done next year : 2011.    175 YEARS

March 17th:  set out on my Expedition , as did Mitchell, from Mt Canobolas, I have ‘expeditioned’ my way along, following Mitchell’s Maps and Journals; I have followed my Intuition and instincts, modern maps and GPS: Ventured to amazing places, met wonderful people, had interesting experiences, and camped for 4 months, mainly along river sides, often in Mitchell Camp Sites, with just me and my little doggy. (with 2 quick visits from Simon).

Most recently: A quick visit to my Dad in Nambour; then  Byron Bay to meet T.L.Mitchell’s Great great Grandson!! The fabulous Ted Sly!!; Sydney to vist Libraries, family and friends; South Coast for 50th Birthday Party!!; Canberra: family & Museum /gallery.

And home again to Castlemaine.

Having re-established my Studio, it has given me time to expand my sketches, thoughts and ideas onto Canvas!

Time to think, plan and read. To further explore the questions, questions !– reading between the lines!

So now again I wait for the rain to pass, the sun to shine, and the tracks to dry. To return to Pyramid Hill/ Mt Hope! And my Journey.