2 June

Headeded for Tooleybuc, where I crossed the Murray into Victoria,
Headed north-west to Boundary Bend.
Amazing spot,
Right near where Mitchell crossed the Murray,
And just upstream from where the Murrumbidgee joins the Murray.

From there, South again to
The Major Mitchell Lagoons!

Got bogged!
-first time on my journey.
Quickly tracked down a bloke on local orchard to pull me out.
Lucky for me, he mentioned a little info shelter,
which I may well never have found !
And it was THE SITE.
of Mitchells’ drawing, then Etching “Backwater of the Murray”

The Lagoons are now dry,
And filled with spindly eucalypt saplings,
Which block the view.
But walking the area, I found many of the giant old trees which were there, and would be in Mitchells depiction of this gorgeous site.
I feel like I found Mitchell.

Camped over-looking the area ,
And in the morning walked and walked again,
photographing, and feeling the land.

It’s amazing, and was a fine place to finish the first stage of my journey,
As I then drove home- to Castlemaine!!