17 May

Still cold & grey,
But set off for Mt Dispersion.

The local Historical Society has placed a Cairn.
There is no signage to get there,
It’s not exactly a ‘mountain’.
But a very solemn site,
Both for the terrible massacre which happened there.
27th of May 1836.
And the sad state of the woodlands now.
:Logged and logged.
-first for the paddle steamers,
and now sleepers and firewood.
Nearly all the big trees cut and or ringbarked,
Drove to the River,
felt too sad to stay long, especially on my own.
Again, Indigo was fab. Great company.

On the road again.
Next stop Mildura.
Tourist info centre, carparts etc- exhaust leak,
Stayed at International Backpackers.
Great spot, friendly people.
Dinner, talk, talk, bed.

Mildura: supplies, car,
Stephanos for coffee.
Met Annie!

Then on to Wentworth.
Booked in to the carvan Park.
Hot shower, Power, etc.
And people to talk to!