13 May

Set off from Paika, and Balranald after final cups of tea with Di and Rachael, Helaina & Duf.

After 50 km, discovered an ‘interesting looking road,
Which took me nearer to the River.
Arrived at ‘Tilllara’ to find a wonderful anabranch of the Murray,
Dry anabranch, As are they all Dry.
But lovely groundcovers,
and growth/recovery after Rain.
So many Giant Trees.
Some alive, some dead.
-both from the ravages of Age and Time.
And of course, the drought.

Many 400 plus years old! And Huge!
Everywhere, Scar trees, Middens, Earth Oven mounds!
As well, Very similar, and Very close to
The site where Mitchell left ‘depot’
at Lake Stapylton May 21 –June 11,
Stapylton, Ballandella, Tarrandurry and 16 convicts.
while he set off with light carts
and guides on horseback, to the Darling River.

Walked and walked,
Drew and Photographed!
Eventually dragged myself away from those amazing Trees.

And proceeded to Lake Benanee.
Great free campsite,
beside the lake.