9 April

Lovely morning in bed, downloading photos, etc.

Then got the call from Ross at Willandra that the Road was Open! Fab.

Re-packed car, and set off North.

Realised 20 km out of town I had forgotten to fill up with Petrol. Back to Booligal, to find they had run out yesterday!. Eek.

Eventually tracked down Walter, who had 20 litres, which I felt convinced was probably beer, But the car seemed to drive ok, so maybe it really was petrol.

Hit the road  and arrived Willandra National Park late arvo. Met with Ranger Ross, and his lovely wife Suzy. Great to be here. And very happy I waited, instead of travelling South into more tame environs.

Set up camp in gorgeous campground. I was the only one there! Camp fire, steak, vegies and potatoes in the fire for dinner. Yum.