5 April

Graeme and Dave headed off about 11 am. All seemed very quiet, getting used to being just Indigo and I again.
After 2 more bull-ant bites headed into town to see Lynn at Red Dust & Paddy Melon Gallery, which is also the tourist info centre.
Then popped in to see Kev, and meet Marj, as she had been in Sydney over the long weekend. Marj is 1/2 Aboriginal. Kev was a shearer, and they are a lovely family. Cup of tea, and lots to talk about.
Then popped in to see Chrissy. Cup of tea and glass of wine, by which time Ray had popped in. Maps, Stories, and a trip to Desathalon Park: swinging bridge, and Chrissys late husbamd Des’s log sculptures of a dinosaur, red back spider, crocodile, etc. Getting dark, so headed back to camp at the 4 mile.
Fortunately I am quite content just Indigo and me. She is excellent company, and seems to keep me quite busy. As well Radio National. When reception is bad, I can usually stream it on the laptop- as long as I have sufficient battery power.