4 April

Am: started to sort through all my equipment, to send back any surplus with my brother to Canberra. Big Un-pack, and re-pack. Living in a small space with too much gear is frustrating. Reduced a bit.
In the arvo, headed  out to the ‘18 mile’, again a Reserve on the River. Whilst skirting the only billabong/ soak, managed to get bogged!
Oops, no mobile range, so we walked back to the road approx, 2 kms. 3 G coverage, the phone worked!

What to do? So I rang Kev! It wasn’t long before he turned up with son Gavin Followed quite soon by his daughter Donna, and her husband Tony. What a family. True country folk, with big hearts and lots of kindness.
Couldn’t manage to pull car out, as only 2 wheel drive utes. So a trip in the back of the Kevs ute, up to the road, and call NRMA tow truck.

Long story, but he also managed to get stuck, not bogged. And had to go back for smaller truck!
Eventually we found farmer Tom, fishing on the river, and he pulled us out with his 4wd.
Back to camp at dark, Camp fire, delicious Steak, red wine, and bed.