1 April

Luckily, at Cargelligo NRMA, had discovered the CV Boot on car was cracked, and booked in to fix at Hillston. Headed into town to mechanic, and to check out tourist info centre for local Info. Got ph numbers for Historical Society, and ideas for Camp site for Easter Weekend, as my Dad, Graeme and brother David, were coming to visit!

Car Fixed, headed out of town to first camp possibility. Destiny was with me, as I met Kev Johnstone and grandson Jarred down near the bridge, and they recommended the ‘4 mile’, as well as took me there! Because the river, and roads were used as Sock Routes, there are allocated Reserves for camps –probably most often also the Aboriginal Campsites! Anyway, 4 mile looked good, but I also checked out a few others further from town.
Back to Hillston Caravan Park to await the arrival of Dad and Dave. Indigo was in heaven, as caravaners Lorraine and Greg. Had a dear little Jack Russell, and the two played for hours.
6 pm they arrived, and after quick con-fab, decided on the ‘4 mile’ as campsite.
Dear Kev met us there with the fishing rods he had promised, and 4 fish they had caught, for our dinner.
The feasting began. My brother is a ‘foodie’, and had brought lots of yummy stuff with them. As well he is a good cook. So the weekend was enhanced with delicious ‘Silo’: hot x buns, fruit tarts, bread, etc. and fine food generally.