15 April

The sky had continued overcast although no rain fell after the evening of  the 13th. This day however the wind changed from north-west to west and  the sky became clear.

The surveying party returned from the lake by midday; and with it came  also Piper, my aboriginal interpreter, who had gone there chiefly with  the view of obtaining a gin, a speculation which I thought rather  hazardous on his part; yet, strange to say, a good strong woman marched  behind him into our camp, loaded with a new opossum-skin cloak, and  various presents, that had been given to Piper with her. How he contrived  to settle this important matter with a tribe to whom he was an utter  stranger could not be ascertained; for he left our party on the lake by  night, going quite alone to the natives, and returned from their camp in  the morning followed by his gin. To obtain a gin at Cudjallagong was the  great ambition of most of the natives we had left behind, among whom were  two, friends of Piper, whom I compelled to return, and who were most  anxious to accompany us that they might obtain wives at this place.