31 March

As planned prev evening, set off on an expedition to Lake  with Lola and Greg.
They have lived in these parts on and off, most of their lives, including childhood, where they had gone to school together. Lola is Aboriginal, Greg a whitefella. Married now for 20 years, 2 kids: Jenna & ?. Grabbed some chops and long necks, and headed out of town to Gregs old dads place, where they keep the old ute, and with Indigo and I in the back, set off around lakes edge, to find a good spot for a barbie. Delicious!
So interesting to see: the old sheep wash, etc. and hear stories of the old days. Very different to when Mitchell was here! Until a few weeks ago the lake was dry for a while, due to drought, and the politics of water: allocation, bores,agriculture, weirs, etc.
Some of the trees have died from over-inundation, when the lake was artificially kept full. Others now from the drought. Thank God for the recent rain- about 6” in the past 3 months.

Headed back into town mid arvo, damnit too late for Historical Society. Hitched up the camping trailer, and set off from to Hillston.
Found the caravan Park, cooked up dinner, and Bed!