27 March

Sat 27th March.

Whilst looking for Mackies Café, re-discovered Rod from sign Shop. Got some extra Signage for Van and car: “Expeditioner, www. Etc.

Mackies wasn’t open yet, but found a coffee, and headed out of town, back to Mt Canobolas, Towac Way Camping Ground, Mitchells Way, Borenore, etc.

Cruised back along Escort Way, GPS logging the sites I missed last time.

Eugowra: Historical Society was open this time, so spent several hours there sharing info & ideas with Eileen and Ian. Both in their 70/ 80s. Fantastic!

Eileen is a wiz on the computer: Google Earth , etc. Great little Museum, filled with Fab stuff.

Most people here are interested in Oxley and Evans, as they were the first Explorers to come through.

Tried to film our chat, but found the batterys to be flat on Video cam. Damn technology!

Eventually drove on: Forbes, Condobolin, etc. Amazing country: very beautiful after the rain: 6” in last 6 weeks, though now it’s beginning to dry.

Trees, Trees, Trees. Some totally amazing Huge Trees.

Vistas, views, country, river, sunset.

Following the South Condo Rd along the Lachlan River. Reached Condo at 8 : exhausted.