26 March

Friday 26th March

9.30 start at Condobolin High School. 2 x year 9 groups: English and History.

An interesting process no less: speaking to 30 x 14 year olds, loaded with ‘attitude’. Had lots of resources, and spoke with them honestly and enthusiastically. Tried to connect the information with their area, language, Wiradjuri heritage, etc. I think I got thru to some of them.

Set off for Dubbo at 11 am, travelling the back way, which proved to be nearly as long, with sections of dirt road, and far more interesting. A few huge grain silos, and tiny hamlets.

Delivered Computer to Robos Computers, to have new battery installed!

Pottered around Dubbo for a couple of hours while I waited. Lunch, new Watch, bits for van, Small ac/dc converter (not sine-wave), post office, etc.

Let’s hope the new Battery helps solve some of my power problems- combined with extra solar panel!!

Collected Computer, and headed for ….not Condobolin where my Van awaits my return,

But Orange! Decided to return to the beginning, to properly Log my GPS points, and re- cover ground, now that I feel familiar with the area.

Satyed o/night in MidCity Motel, with Indigo in car, just outside my door. Hot shower and Bed.