25 March

Journal 25th March

Following the direction of the general course of the Lachlan as laid down
by Mr. Oxley we crossed a fine tract of open forest land, and at the
distance of five miles arrived at a dry reach. Soon after we passed
Billabugan, a cattle station on the river where the dry branch joined it;
and at three miles further we traversed the southern skirts of a plain,
and finally made a bend of the Lachlan on which we encamped in latitude
33 degrees 24 minutes 28 seconds South. In the course of this day’s
journey we discovered a bush resembling the European dwarf elder but with
yellow flowers, and fruit with scarcely any pulp.*

(*Footnote. This proves to be a new genus of Caprifoliaceae, paragraph
mark Sambuceae. Tripetelus australasicus, Lindley manuscripts (tripetelos
having 3 leaves; the calyx has 3 sepals, the corolla 3 petals, the
stamens are 3, and the carpels are also 3). Calyx superus tridentatus.
Corolla rotata, tripartita, lutea, laciniis concavis conniventibus.
Antherae tres, fauce sessiles. Ovarium 3-loculare; ovulis solitariis
pendulis; stigmata 3, sessilia. Fructus subexsuccus, 3-queter, 3-pyrenus,
putamine chartaceo. Caulis herbaceus. Folia opposita, glabra, pinnata,
2-juga cum impari, laciniis lanceolatis acuminatis serratis; glandulis 2
verruciformibus loco stipularum. Flores laxe paniculati.) Acacia pendula.