24 March

Wednesday 24th March

From Bogan Gate to Condoblin.

Again, recognising a variety of names along the way, which Mitchell had noted on his journey. Many of the names are spelt differently/ corrupted. But are clearly place / locality, as in 1836 on Maps and journal.  I

t’s quite hard to know at the time if I should stop, turn around., go back, further explore. Or it is enough to pass through , observe, and take a photo.

Esp tricky when I am driving the car, navigating, taking the photos, and assessing the situation/ significance, of each site/ situation.

Arrived in time to find Condoblin Primary School, and organise to give talk to kids following day.

Attempted to have a beer and meal at Condo Hotel in the beer garden, and was horrified by redneck factor. Drinkin’, swearin’ and talkin’ crap. Retreated to camping ground  beside the Lachlan River, with my sweet doggy, to eat pasta.

Second night on Powered Site, trying to recharge batterys, computer, etc.