23 March

Tues 23rd March

Morning in Forbes, fitting solar panel, etc. And set off again mid arvo.

Continued meandering along Lachlan River valley. Finding myself in “Bogan Gate” at 6 pm. Absolutely ready for a cold beer, and to find a camp site. Bogan Gate is not a lot more than a Huge Grain Silo, along a train line, a pub, 30 houses, and a war monument/ memorial. Got chatting with Gordy, who directed me to a fab Billabong out the back of town- fortunately containing water, for the first time in Many years, probably 10 or more. Sad thing was to see the Huge old Redgum, which had been cut down about 20 years  ago. Apparrently a family of timber cutters, just cut it down. Nobody did anything about it. They just cut it down, and chopped up the branches for firewood. And left the giant trunk lying on the ground. Bastards Must have been 6 or 700 years old, more 12 metres around the base. My feeling was, that they probably bought a new chainsaw, and just wanted to try it out? Madness and sadness.

One difference with Central Vic, is the number of big old trees which remain here.

? could it be that there was more pastoralism and less gold mining. Mining being a very timber hungry industry.