22 March

Monday 22nd

Continued along Valley, which now seems to follow Byrnes creek.

Fitst Mitchell route, which  then became the main stock route inland to the Lachlan. Now a small highway, carrying large trucks, etc.

Mitchell spoke of tranition into the granite country. This road is called the Escort road, and apparently used to be the main route to carry the Gold to Orange, from the goldfields.

Originally Wirudjuri paths tracks, trade routes, songlines, ancient highways: connecting camping and hunting grounds, along the creeklines- the best camping grounds/ hunting grounds, water, climate- seasonally adjusted! As well as root foods- Myrnong,etc; aquatic resources: reeds, fish, etc. Flora and Fauna species attracted to water.

The same elements which attracted Mitchell and his party: 25 men Livestock, etc. Such a misconception to think they carried enough food for such a large party, for 9 months!

Interestingly, still some huge old trees. Perhaps the settlers realised the value of the shade they provide, and slowing of flood waters, etc 1836 – 2010 174 years. It’s been great to camp beneath these giants: 10 m +, girth at base. If a branch was to fall on me, it would just be poetic destiny. And I wouldn’t mind.

Rounded a bend, and came upon the sweet little town of Eugowra. Cross road to many places: N,S,E & West.

A big surprise: Cowgirl Bushranger. Fab shop/ café run by 3 local ladies. More like a city boutique than a country clothes store. Hats, frocks, accessories! Great gals too. The shop being named in honor of a lady bushranger, from the past.

Lunch. Usually I quite forget to stop and eat lunch.

Around the bend, and into the Lachlan River Valley. The road is quite far from the river.  Probably 2 reasons. Farms owning up to the river frontage, and roadway being set further back from river to avoid floods. I could see the big trees along the river, but most often the river flats were cleared of majority of the trees, and farmed or grazed.

Drove thru my first swarm of Locusts. Yuck. And apparently it was only a small one, given that I was thru it in 5 -10 minutes.

Arrived in Forbes, in time to organise the fitting of extra solar panel to A-van camp trailer. And find dog friendly campground/ caravan park: River Meadows!

Densie was delightful, and let Indigo play in the yard with her dogs. While I did washing, etc.

Only issue was proximity to Newell Highway, with Huge trucks roaring by all night!!