21 March

21st March. Sunday

There is so much to read!! Mitchell, Stapylton, Maps, local area info, etc.

Haven’t yet managed to catch up with all the reading, emails, and Blog.

Spent morning trying.

Set off again, always along the same Valley, as Mitchell did, and which leads along to the entrance of Nangar National Park. As I drove in, was reminded of the importance for the bird and wild life. Greeted by 2 wood ducks, 4 rosella, 8 galahs, and lots of kangaroos. Set up camp, unhitched trailer, and headed for the top of Nangar. Drove and drove. Up and Up. Not quite to the top, as again it was getting late, and I opted instead for a site we had passed through, as a site for contemplation, and to watch sun set.

As I drove along the track, I realised the nature of the Forest was quite damaged. Ahah. It was an old logging track. Apparently the area had been quite high and secluded, until the 1930s when it has been ‘taken up’ as a farm/ grazing lease. Unsucessfully, so it had been returned to ‘crown’ as National Park. National Parks are often post-logged Forest! – as I discovered with Chiltern Nat Park! and many others. A bit confusing/ misleading for the poor souls who expect National Park to mean pristine nature, as it sometimes is. More often it is recovering from pillage and plunder: farming, logging, overgrazing, etc.. One can only imagine what the area was like previously, esp given the remains of large tree bases, ringbarked trees, etc.

It’s a very beautiful Park, which is rugged, rocky and steep.

Returned to camp just before dark.

This is the first camp in a week where there have been other people around! 2 dads and 2 sons.  Every other camp, just Indigo and me. Had a brief chat. Long enough to be told that one of the dads knows lots about physical sciences, but cares not about changes to the Environment. It’s all just ‘evolution’. I chose not to argue, or discuss. Can’t be bothered with people like that. Too lazy to care, so they find justification for it. Pathetic.