20 March

20th March Sat

Being Saturday, decided to take a rest day, as Mitchell had done.

Thoroughly enjoyed a very lazy morning, recuperating from the ‘marathon’ which I had been on for the previous month! –packing up my house & studio; preparing for Expedition, etc.

In the afternoon had a lovely drive to the base of Mt Marga, then clambered our way up, through the rocks and trees, nearly to the top, as it was getting late. Great views over the local countryside. Mitchell had climbed this peak to continue his ‘triangulations’ of the area. Could see clearly back to Canobolas, etc. Indigo was an absolute champion, with her little legs, leaping and scrambling along. Darling little dog.

Lots more photos!!

Returned to campsite hot and tired, soon recouped again to the screeching of the cockatoos, and far away calls of cattle.

Loving cooking on the camp fire, and camping generally. Tho, suddenly having a kitchen seems pretty easy and attractive. Lots of setting up and packing up to do. Perhaps I should just eat baked beans.