19 March

19th March Fri

Back to the Monument at Boree. then proceeded along valley to Cudal, crossing many times over the Boree Creek.

Stocked up at mini-mart, where Marg kindly sold me meat for Indigo, local fruit, milk, ice, etc.

Continued along via Toogang, (now Toogong),the main trace of this place, being a sign pointing to the farm. In retrospect, I should have driven up and introduced myself.

And then on to Marga, (now Murga). Spoke with Bob who seems to occupy the only house in Murga. He mentioned that there’s a site by the creek where I could free camp. Hooray. Being Friday, I wanted to avoid National Parks which may be busier on the weekend: the Indigo factor.

While I was looking for site met Jacinta, who lived on a farm nearby. She directed me to the site, which as well as previously being local sports area, is currently leased by Jacintas family to graze cattle. It was clearly old aboriginal camping ground. Huge old trees which were surely there when Mitchell came through, and being on the Mandagery Creek, may well have been where he camped.

Set up camp to the Screaching of hundreds of Cockatoos, who inhabit the site: lots of old hollows in the trees, and water in the creek.