18 March

Decided to return to Boree locality to further explore region, including Borenore Caves, which had so intrigued Mitchell.

Yet another creekside location, which would have been a perfect campground for the Wiradjuri people: Huge trees, and creek flats.

The caves were fascinating- the entrances anyway. I didn’t have adequate equipment to venture further than cave openings. A large family of Swallows were nesting within.

Then headed to Molong, to meet with Max Giles and his wife Perina.

where they were staffing one of the judging tables for Local Sheep Dog Trials.

Fab. Clever dogs and country Characters.

Had a good chat with Max, before all going to dinner at local Chinese Restraunt, and back to their home, via Mitchell Monument, for the night.

More Maps, Books and talk. Max had some great background info, including Boree (previously buree) being name of Corroboree site/ boree ground. Also, Mitchells character, experiences in the Peninsula Wars etc. Again, it was great to share resources and enthusiasm about the Expedition.

Charged some of the many gadgets, which I am finding quite overwhelming!

Battery on Computer is not holding charge for long. Taking lots of photos, so camera is struggling also. Need to install extra solar panel on Camping Van, so the battery might have a chance to keep up.

Also feeling technically challenged with Telstra Internet: recharge!!

Finalising Blog, Updating, etc.

Mobile phone: GPS.

Video Camera, Audio Recorder, etc.

I am not a techno wizard by any stretch of the imagination.

Luckily my little battery operated Radio is working just fine, and I’ve been able to tune in to my much adored Radio National.